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The Union Market & Gallery

The Union Market & Gallery is such a cute and family friendly cafe to come and enjoy some food. There are events that are held at the restaurant plus if you go to the cafe's website you have the option to request time to hold an event there. Not only does the Union Market & Gallery have amazing food, but they also have a smoothie bar, juice bar, and coffee bar as well. The Union Market & Gallery serves breakfast and lunch and is open from 7am-5pm every day, except Thanksgiving, Christmas eve, and Christmas day.
The cafe has a breakfast menu and a lunch menu, both served all day. The breakfast menu includes twelve dishes. Those twelve dishes are: the pixie, the nirvana, the green day, the weezer, notorious pig, don't go bacon my heart, pancakes, hangry eyes, nacho man, eggspacio, the bikini killer, and pearl jam parfait. On the lunch menu, they have 13 dish options. Those options include: The black sabbath, the sublime, chicken cro-mags, queen toast, the offspring, the minor threat, cuc and the gang, bohemian wrapsody, help me Reuben, the hot chick, the romaines, the black flag, and the soup of the day. Some of the juice bar options include: the cure, the clash, the Blondie, the agent orange, or even make your own. The smoothie bar options include: the Elvis, the Joplin, the Hendrix, the Beach Boys, or make your own. You also have the option to get a smoothie bowl for $8.50. The cafe allows you to dine in, carry out, or have it delivered to your house. Come and experience the wonderful cafe with fresh smoothies, delicious coffee, phonomonal meals, and to add to it, a very fun and friendly environment. The Union Market & Gallery is perfect for any time of the day, any time of the year!